TechHire: Creating Pathways to Better, Well-Paying Tech Jobs and Meeting Urgent Employer Demand Across the U.S

ATCOM TechhireTechHire is a bold multi-sector initiative and call to action to empower Americans with the skills they need, through universities and community colleges but also nontraditional approaches like “coding boot camps,” and high-quality online courses that can rapidly train workers for a well-paying job, often in just a few months. Through the collaboration of employers, training providers, and workforce and economic development organizations, TechHire communities have been using data and innovative hiring practices to expand non-traditional hirings, building accelerated training programs that prepare individuals in months instead of years, and connecting people to jobs with hiring on-ramp programs. Over the last year, these communities have trained and placed thousands of people into high-paying tech jobs.  Successful partnerships include:

  • Using data and innovative hiring practices to expand openness to non-traditional hiring
  • Expanding models for training that prepare students in months, not years
  • Active local leadership to connect people to jobs with hiring on ramp programs

The TechHire initiative launched in 2015 with 21 communities and over 300 employers committed to providing Americans with the accelerated, nontraditional technical training they need to obtain better jobs and achieve better futures.  Since the launch of TechHire, the initiative has grown to 50 communities committed to improving the lives of Americans. The President is challenging other communities across the country to follow their lead and get involved.

Raleigh, NC. In partnership with NC State University, Wake Technical Community College, and other local training providers, Raleigh is expanding training in programs from technical maintenance and cyber defense to Java coding, and working with employers to place 50 nontraditionally-trained workers into jobs within the first year and 350 TechHire graduates into jobs by 2020.
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White house press releaseThe White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate ReleaseMarch 09, 2016
FACT SHEET: White House Announces Doubling of TechHire Communities, and New Steps to Give More Students and Workers Tech Skills to Fuel the Next Generation of American Innovation

Developing the tech skills of our workforce is important for our economic future and is a critical need for employers today. Over half a million of today’s open jobs are in technology fields like software development and cybersecurity—many of which did not even exist a decade ago. The average salary in a job that requires technology skills is 50 percent more than the average private sector job.  Over the past seven years, the President has taken steps to ensure that we are drawing on people from all backgrounds including young adults who are disconnected from school and work, Americans who are long-term unemployed, and workers who are retraining for new jobs to prepare for the tech jobs of the future.  Today’s announcements build on that progress:

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