Buying VoIP phone system

Company Profile:

  • Linet Americas
  • Locations: Two locations in CLT including Head Quarters
  • Employees: 25 locally and 60 Nationwide
  • Sharon Ostler, Director
  • Mitel MiVoice Business
  • LINET Americas sells and services hospital beds to over 350 customers and 15,000 beds across the United States and Canada.

Project Manager’s Thoughts

“Linet America was under a considerable time constraint to get their system installed so that they could keep their business up and running. Tight time frames can be challenging when navigating new customer’s needs and facilities.
The ATCOM team rose to the occasion and made sure that we got them up and running with a more efficient system that connect their two
Charlotte locations. ”
– Julie Griffin, ATCOM

Customer’s Challenges and Requirements

  • “We outgrew a phone system we
    purchased only 5 years ago!”
  • “We were nervous about making a
    decision that would be costly, yet not effective for the long term.”
  • “We did not have an IT guru on staff and there was no one internally that was well versed in communication technologies. To say that we were overwhelmed by the research process would be an
  • “ We lost a lot of time while trying to
    research and understand our options
    before contacting ATCOM. As a result, we were faced with some logistical
    challenges that necessitated a quick
  • “”We were looking for a partner that had our best interest in mind and would act as a consultant to help guide us through the process.”

Client’s Thoughts

“Our Account Representative was awesome in every-way (always available, responsive, honest and sincere). ATCOM was quick to pull in different team members that could answer our questions, give insight and make us feel personally connected to the whole company. It is evident that their priority is to create long term relationships not short term transactions.”
– Sharon Ostler, Linet Americas, Inc.

ATCOM VoIP Solution

  • “ATCOM did a thorough needs analysis to make sure the solution was a long term fit.”
  • “ATCOM helped us understand all of our options and not just the ones they could provide.”
  • ATCOM installed a Mitel MiVoice Business Solution.
  • Linet was provided twinning capabilities that allowed them to link their desk phone to their cell phones. This Mitel feature was particularly helpful for Linet’s West Coast service technicians during afterhours on call.
  • Mitel MiVoice VoIP Business solution
    afforded them the opportunity to seamlessly connect their two Charlotte locations.
    Networking their locations provided a
    quicker response to Linet’s customers and better internal communications.
  • “ATCOM asked a lot of questions. Their team was able to understand our current limitations and pain points.  Afterwards they provided a system proposal for buying VoIP phone system that met our current and long term needs, fit into our budget and exceeded our expectations.  ATCOM got it done!  They are a true

Added Benefits

  • Linet has a system that will grow with them regardless of where they locate their next office or employee.
  • They have a partner that understands their needs and will provide them with quicker service response times with layers of support as needed.

Linet will enjoy increased productivity through unified communications, twinning and other features.

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