Cloud Managed Infrastructure – Case Study

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Company Profile:

  • Halifax County Government
  • 15 Locations
  • Employees: 500+
  • Fred Bunch, ITS Director
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    Challenges and Requirements:

  • No ability to manage remote locations
  • All departments were islands
  • Outdated voice and data infrastructure
  • Support not available on legacy systems
  • No failover, redundancy or disaster recovery capabilities

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  • Installed Meraki Cloud Managed infrastructure with
    centralized network management
  • Meraki Solution provided visibility to the edge sites and devices across security devices, access points and switches
  • Upgraded and brought network to current software and firmware requirements
  • Installed the Mitel MiVoice Business solution which
    provides seamless connectivity and leverages physical and virtual infrastructure
  • Provided centralized management through the Mitel MiVoice Business System
  • Assured recovery with failover capabilities for trunking, network and desktop

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Cloud Managed Infrastructure for Halifax

[alert style=”info”]“Meraki’s Cloud Managed Infrastructure was the perfect solution for Halifax County.  Meraki
technology allows network administrators the ability to constantly monitor the network from a
port-level perspective, and more efficiently utilize their available bandwidth.  Meraki’s
Management abilities ensure the Halifax WAN is continuously delivering to the highest possible level of performance.”
– John Cameron, ATCOM[/alert]

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Client Summary Of Project

“In my 15+ years of experience in the field of IT, one of the most common challenges has been developing a strategic approach to
upgrading legacy network architecture and
security.  ATCOM Business Technology
Solutions has been instrumental in assisting with recommendations and implementing
policies for our LANs, WAN, Silos and Data Center solutions throughout our county.

ATCOM has employed suitable solutions which allowed “a single pane of glass”
topology via a seamless Meraki solution
system-wide.  This was a major undertaking
considering we have a small IT Staff and had to modify all rules in the existing firewall while considering all the 20 year old VLANSs and VPNs to configure the new solution.

We have also now chosen ATCOM as our VoIP phone system provider, which they won through an open bid process. We have
welcomed the continuous dedication,
expertise, skill and patience ATCOM has shown while delivering outstanding products, services and support for the county. I am pleased that ATCOM is helping us to solve network infrastructure, security best practices, Wi-Fi and phone system challenges facing our county with their enterprise solutions and
profession support services.”

– Fred Bunch, Halifax County
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