“I can’t say enough good things about ATCOM.

We have been using them for our telephone system for at least 10 years and took them on as a managed services provider perhaps 3 years ago.

Not once that I can recall have we had any problems with ATCOM’s services.  Their team is always super responsive, friendly and positive.

On the managed services side….

I measure a managed services provider by how much or how little I hear about problems with IT from the team (we are at about 37 people now) and I genuinely can’t recall the last time – if ever – I have heard anyone say that ATCOM didn’t resolve an issue promptly.

So, the big takeaway is that they are great at what they do and I can strongly recommend them.  I would happily re-hire them again and we haven’t considered even looking at another managed services provider since bringing them on.”


Industry: Business Consultant