Mike Carter - Cabling

One of the things to remember when moving your business is to evaluate cabling needs at your new location.  If you are moving to an existing space with existing wiring, a site survey is recommended.  Schedule a technician to visit your new site to determine if the existing data/phone wiring is adequate. Bear in mind that some office management firms automatically require that tenants install all new wiring and remove the existing wiring during the up fit period.

Think about your future needs. Will your cabling support the higher data speeds? Now is a good time to consider converging your voice and data infrastructure (standardize on one same type of wire for both data and voice to make internal moves easier). Consider whether additional wire drops/pull will be necessary to accommodate office furniture location. For example, the desk is placed on one wall and your outlet is on the opposite wall, an additional wire pull/drop will be necessary.

During the site survey the technician will also determine the needs of the “phone room”.  When designing your office space, remember that the location that will house your communications systems will need ample power outlets for all your computer/phone equipment.  It will also need to be large enough to house your computer equipment and your phone system; if you don’t have the luxury of having two separate rooms.