Inclement weather FAQ about phone systems

We have compiled some Frequently Asked Questions that we get during inclement weather.  During weather events our call volume can be larger than normal to avoid the wait and to get the quickest services you can always submit a service request online.

If my building has no power, will my auto-attendant greeting still answer and let my customers know our business is currently closed due to the storm?

  • If your building has no power, and you do not have long term battery backup or generator solutions in place, your phone system and servers will not be working and the auto-attendant and other voice applications will not be in service.

What will my callers hear if my building is out of power and my system is down?

  • Depending on your carrier and the network services you have, your callers may hear a carrier intercept message ranging from network difficulty or number cannot be reached. Callers may also encounter  continuous ringing , silence or a busy signal.

If I want to forward my calls to another number, what is the best way to do this?

  • The easiest way to do this is through the web portal from your service provider. You will need your login credentials and account information. By using this self service feature, it allows you to control when and where your numbers are forwarded. These features may or may not be included with your service so you should make sure to test in advance.  You can also call your service provider and request a manual forward.  Fees may apply depending on your carrier and plan.

My building has power, my phones have displays and I can call desk to desk- but when I call any of our numbers I can get through. What type of issue may I be experiencing?

  • While your area may have power and your ATCOM phone system is working, your service provider may be experiencing issues due to network damage or abundance of call volume. This issue should be reported by contacting the carrier that provides your telephone services.

Our phone systems and applications are located in a data center or are cloud based and our building has power. Our auto attendant answers but none of our phones or computers work- what could be the issue?

  • If your local network is up but you can’t get to the internet or to your data center based applications, the carrier may be experiencing service issues in your area.  Our engineers can assist you in isolating the issue