Here is an email to Kim Oliver:

Too many people are so quick to report on the bad stuff. But when it comes to someone “being incredible” we tend to let that pass right on by without ever saying a word.

Starting with you and all the way to Josh and Christie yesterday, I have nothing but total thumbs to this company! You guys came in, saw a need and jumped into action. THAT RIGHT THERE is what I call awesome customer service! You honestly do not see that much these days.

First of all, Kim, you were so quick to get to our office and find out our concerns. That very afternoon you had the ball rolling. After being without a phone for 6 weeks this was not only exciting but such a relief! Especially since all calls had been forwarded to MY cell phone!

Then there is my knight in shining armor Josh! ……He got in here and didn’t even take a break. He worked extremely hard on getting all our stuff set up in one day which I know what a feat that is! That is a lot of work in one day. We are so grateful for his determination to get us up and going that quickly! (be sure to tell him that I want to know how the cake tasted!)

And last but not least, Ms. Kristie. She was awesome! She came in here and took control! She recorded all our messages and did so beautifully. If I had to make those recordings, people would think they had just called the hew haw hot line! Her training was to the point and efficient. Towards the end of her time here, she would not leave until she knew that everything was working properly. She was great!

All in all , the staff at Atcom has been nothing but professional and extremely customer oriented. I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone. You all did a tremendous job!

Thank you all again for everything. I really enjoyed you guys being here yesterday!


Industry: Construction