Bryan Sayers – I can’t tell you how many times companies choose to move to a new office location and when determining their moving costs, they don’t consider whether or not there is a need for new voice and data cabling. Is there already existing cable in place that can be reused? Is the existing cable going to satisfy their voice and data needs? What is the physical condition of the cable? Are there enough physical locations of outlets to meet their needs?

Most important of all – Is the customer aware that if the office does require new cable, a VoIP solution can greatly reduce the cabling costs?

At ATCOM, we offer a complimentary service to all companies who are relocating: we will gladly have a technician evaluate the existing structured cabling to see if it can be reused. In the event it cannot be used, we will gladly provide a comprehensive voice/data cabling estimate. Before signing your next lease, be sure to consider the your specific cabling requirements and the potential cost of the materials and labor.