Case Study: North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company – VoIP System Discovery and Solution

Customer Information:

NC Mutual Insurance Company has grown to be one of the nation’s most widely known and successful business institutions. It is the only insurance company domiciled in North Carolina with a charter that dates before 1900. NC Mutual is the oldest and largest African American life insurance company in the United States. During its existence, NC Mutual has been a catalyst for minority social and economic development. Racial self-help and uplift are traditions of the company has championed throughout its rich history.

North Carolina Mutual Insurance LogoCustomer Needs:

  • Call Center update to improve management and reporting
  • Recording of claims and customer service phone calls
  • Customer self management of the system
  • Minimization of Rack Space in hosted space
  • Connection to small office and home office workers
  • Disaster Recovery

Solutions Components:

  • Mitel Enterprise VoIP Communication System
  • Mitel Administration and management Application
  • Mitel Call Center Real Time Management and Historical Reporting
  • Mitel Call Center Recording
  • Virtualization of Mitel Voice Mail, Teleworker and Management Applications
  • Mitel’s Teleworker Application Software
  • Multiple instances of communication in case of system failure or carrier failure


NC Mutual Insurance Company was one of ATCOM’s first customers, they approached ATCOM with the need for additional call center applications.  ATCOM started the discussion by doing a thorough analysis of all NC Mutual’s needs throughout the company.  A number of areas were inefficiencies could be improved were discovered.  While creating a disaster recovery plan, to minimize down time during outages, ATCOM determined  that hosting the servers off site would be an effective way to increase up-time and reduce onsite server inventory, which was a goal of NC Mutual.  Mitel’s virtualization superiority allowed them to install multiple applications on existing servers, eliminating space requirements in their rack.

A disaster recovery plan was put together to cover multiple areas of potential disaster. By installing the system and applications in the off-site facility, several plans were put together to cover failure of hardware, software and network services.

Other areas the new solution helped was in providing the Customer Service and Claims Center Supervisors enhanced insight into call handling data.  Ease of use in both monitoring and reporting was vital to supervisors as was call recording which had been a desire for years.  Mitel’s Call Center software provided advanced reporting capabilities, call recording for agents and much more.

Finally, NC Mutual was looking for a way to connect several small offices back to their headquarters. Using Mitel’s Teleworker application with VoIP, users in Virginia and in Chicago were now networked to the corporate office as extensions.  Connecting these offices allowed all users to have the same features and applications available to them regardless of location.

Customer’s Thoughts:

“North Carolina Mutual has a long history with ATCOM as our corporate phone provider and recently we went to a new virtual system, replacing our legacy PBX system.   ATCOM has been stellar, professional and responsive as our needs have changed and worked collaboratively with our administrative and IT teams to ensure our customer, budget and strategic needs were met.  While Phil Kearney has been our primary contact, their entire team has consistently “been there” when we needed them most, for training, problem escalation, weekends or nights.  I could not be more pleased with their customized approach to understanding our needs and providing solutions.”  

Gracie Johnson Lopez
Senior Vice President of Administration/HR