No Windows 7 machines in 2020.

New Year’s seems far away and you probably are not planning your festivities or making next year’s resolutions yet.  Maybe you don’t even make resolutions.  Well this year, you should.  2020 New Year’s Resolution:  Have no Windows 7 machines in your Network.  To accomplish this goal, you need to start now.  Why is this important?

  1. Windows 7 support will stop as of Jan 2020
  2. Old Machines are target machines for hackers and security experts expect a flood of malware to begin
  3. Once a hacker is in an old machine, they can move to your “real” data so do not buy into “this machine does not matter it is lightly used” mind set.  Do you leave your backdoor unlocked when you go on vacation?
  4. You need to start now, while you have almost 5 months left!
  5. Your users who have been holding on to Windows 7 because they don’t like change, will actually like the enhancements in Windows 10.  Change is hard, but it is inevitable and now is the time.   Don’t risk your security just to keep these users in old machines!

Start now and have that glass of champagne early!

No Windows 7 Machines in 2020
Rhonda Craycraft

Written by Rhonda Craycraft

Rhonda is the General Manager of ATCOM Business Technology with 30 years of technology expertise.

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