Providing Seamless Connectivity Between Locations

Company Profile:

  • Company Name: Stone Truck Parts
  • Locations: (Garner, Wallace, Greensboro,Charlotte)
  • Employees: 105
Seamless Connectivity for Stone Truck

Challenges to Solve:

  • “If we don’t answer our phone calls our competition will.”
  • “Business calls needed to be easily transferred between all team members regardless of location.”
  • During our discovery, we determined that Stone Truck team members needed other ways to collaborate other than simply making long distance calls.


  • Installed Mitel MiVoice Office Communications System
  • Set up voice networking capability to allow seamless connectivity between offices via VPN and MPLS
  • Set up DID’s (Direct Inward Dialing) to allow customers to get to the appropriate person on the first call
  • Set up four digit dialing to internal extensions across the network

Customer Response:

“ATCOM has made us more efficient when it comes to answering calls and communicating between our locations. This allows us to provide the service our customers deserve.”

“Stone has been with ATCOM for nearly 13 years. Working with ATCOM has been nothing but a pleasure. We switched from an IWATSU analog system to a Mitel MiVoice Office. Because of the professionalism of the sales staff, on-site technicians, and customer service, the integration was flawless. We always say we get a ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ when we are certain things will go as planned. ATCOM gives us the ‘warm fuzzies.”

-Chris Mohn, Stone Truck Parts

ATCOM Representative Thoughts: 

“Helping Stone Truck Parts provide unparalleled service is our top priority and it has been a pleasure to watch them grow as an organization.”

-Dan Redman, ATCOM

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