With the onset of the COVID-19 crisis came a rush of “Work from anywhere” solutions.  The ATCOM team rose to the occasion.  We were fortunate that we have been providing secure mobility solutions for years for our clients. Here are a few of the testimonials we got this spring.

Today I met with an existing Voice and IT customer and HVAC Contractor.  Joe (the owner) could not say enough good things about the ongoing support he has received from ATCOM.  He specifically singled out Mallory, John Cameron, Meredith, TJ, Tim and Ashley.  Noting that from the beginning (the Mitel install, the network IT install, etc…) through to this day that ATCOM was one of the best decisions that he has made since opening his business 2.5 years ago.

Thanks to ALL who take such good care of OUR customers.

Win The Day!  Jeff Morgart


We had a customer reach out to us late Friday (4:20pm to be exact), asking for help in obtaining PoE injectors so that they could begin sending employees home to work. I am sure that it will come of no surprise to anyone reading this email, but Colin jumped in with me to help find equipment and work on shipping the order to them for Saturday delivery at the contact’s home address. As if finding a customer POE equipment this late in the game during this crazy time was not superhero enough, the story gets better.

Colin gives me a call early Saturday morning. “Hey Mike. I had an issue with getting the parts shipped out in time in order to get them to the customer by today”. This is where Colin does what Colin does best… makes things happen no matter what. “Do you have the customer’s cell phone number so that I can call them and meet them somewhere with the parts”?   WOW, talk about going out of the way!

So, I follow back up with the customer this morning to “put a bow on it”. Needless to say, the first thing out of their mouth was, “can you please make sure that you talk to Colin’s boss for me and tell them that he went way above and beyond to help us out? Instead of just telling us that he would have the part to us on Monday morning, he drove and meet with us to give me the parts on Saturday”. The customer did not expect service of this level from anyone.  In his words, “even though we did not get completely shut down like we thought we were, you guys went above expectations to make sure that we were prepared in case we did”. 

With this said, I would like to give a huge shout out to Colin for winning the day and being… well, Colin. You da man! – Mike Poage

Hope you are doing well from your virtual office.  FYI, the ATCOM support team has been great the past two weeks!  We’ve set all our associates up for twinning, and our receptionist is fully function at home with the operator console.

Stay safe!

Chris – Director of Network Operations, Physicians Services

Thanks for reaching out.  We are well and working from home.  Major kudos to Amber and the ATCOM support team for getting our mobile feature up and running so quickly.  We appreciate your efforts on our behalf.

Stay well my friend.  Let’s hope this passes quickly.


James – Greensboro Hospitality Industry Customer

I just wanted to let you both know that Dee has been very helpful, I really enjoy working with her.

Joe is also great and we always appreciate him very much also.

-Kyle, Director of IT at a County Government Municipality

…I wanted to express my thanks to Alex, he is wonderfully talented in catching this.  Helped us Tremendously even staying late to do so.  Very much appreciated.

-Brian, IT Manager at a Residential Real Estate Company

You all are the awesome ones.

I don’t know what I would do without ATCOM.  You all are definitely an extension of our IT department as I’ve been short staffed for many years here.  So, I thank you.

Best Regards,

Frederick , County IT Services Director

As we have been deploying remote workers we have hit a couple challenges that impacted our remote workforce.  It seems like Joe has basically dropped what he was doing to provide a response time that is unheard of with current call volumes.  More impressively, Joe typically resolves the issue during the initial contact preventing me from having to have “down time” conversations with leadership.  We are very impressed with Joe and we appreciate his knowledge and availability.

Thank you,
-Jason, Network Administrator of a Hospital Revenue Management Organization

Continuing on the good news trail.

While calling my accounts today, I spoke with Claudia a customer of Children’s Center. She gave a glowing report on how Support helped her when covid-19 hit. She said everyone in support bent over backwards to help her make the changes she needed made to accommodate their new work schedule, and hours. She specifically mentioned Donny, and how he went above, and beyond to assist her. Great, great, job A Team!!!

She went on to say that when this is over, they will be ready to meet to discuss replacing the old Iwatsu they’ve had with us for over 15 years. She asked me to call her mid July to schedule that meeting. She was very optimistic about the future once this is finally done.

Thanks again to all who helped this longtime ATCOM client. Much appreciated! – Dan Redman

I do have to say that the ATCOM team has been amazing throughout all of this disaster of carrier changeover.  Tim is absolutely the best and he should be paid in gold. 




FYI…I have worked with three other MSP’s and can honestly say that NONE of them offer this type of quality service!

Mark thought of “everything!”

-Rebecca, Physicians Group out of Charlotte

Dan. TJ saved the day.

Many Thanks

-Ray, Director of a Public Health Consulting Company

Good morning.  Entire network was down but Gignesh and Alex saved the day here. And, we had a Commissioners Meeting to carry on that morning which we were able to proceed on-time thanks to those guys.


Fred- IT Director of Local Municipality

I wanted to send a quick note to you and thank you for the work that Tim and Ashley  have done for our company. Just as most other companies, the current events going on in the world has forced us to make an abrupt shift to a remote work force. Because of this, we had to react quickly, perform a complete system upgrade, followed by the implementation of MiCollab soft phones, in areas of the company that have never used them before. Tim literally worked around the clock, in order to ensure that we could meet the demand of the business. Ashley also worked tirelessly to help bring the configurations up and to offer end user training information that was tremendously valuable.

This is not the first time that we’ve worked with these two individuals.  They are an amazing resource and we’re fortunate to have them support us whenever we need them, even if it’s at 12:22am.

I work in a role that often hears about when things are not working, such as the network, a security appliance, computers, and other technology…. so I am very familiar with the fact when things are good, you rarely hear about it. I wanted to make sure that you hear about how impressed we were/are with Tim and Ashley.

Thank you again.

David, Information Systems Division Manager of a Major Insurance Agency

First of: the work-from-home VPN seems to be working smoothly for both my paralegals, so thank you very much for helping to get us connected so quickly!!

Thank you.

DBM, Attorney Office

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