Steven Williams ATCOMTwenty Years ago today Steven Williams walked through ATCOM’s front door, filled out his paperwork and went out and plugged in his first ZT-D handset. ‘Course it was the wrong outlet and burned the CPU up on the system…the rest, as they say, is history.  

Seriously…20 years at ATCOM…it’s hard to believe. Steven exemplifies the very best of what we all want as a team member here at ATCOM, smart, professional, dedicated, consistent and a great sense of humor. The thing I admire the most about Steven is his adaptability. His passion for “The A Team” is unmatched for sure, but his ability to adapt in various roles over the years as technology and ATCOM evolved is second to none. Steven has served in every single aspect of the technical and service roles from installation, repair, outside, inside, surveys, RTP Service Mgr., and most recently anchoring the helpdesk, cranking it out every single day.  

Steven Williams ATCOM Help DeskSteven has answered that call with dedication, passion and a “can-do” attitude for 20 years. We are all so proud to have Steven as one of our team members and leaders here at ATCOM. Please take a moment today and let Steven know how much he means to ATCOM. Send him an email, voicemail, call him or give him a big hug. He’s a big deal to ATCOM.

 A direct quote from Steven on more than one occasion when asked to start a new role in his career here at ATCOM is “I will do whatever ATCOM needs me to do”.