At ATCOM we are so thankful to have some of the best customers ever.  Here are a few of the testimonials we got this summer from our great clients.

Hi Jeff,

I worked with both Amber and Brandon to update our phone system the past few weeks.  They both worked so hard to make changes to the system that made sense for us.  They were both so wonderful to work with. Excellent customer service!  You have a great team.

Kind regards,

Stacye, Office Manager of an Aviation Company


Wanted to send you both a note to let you know how incredibly helpful Jignesh was on Friday!

Mark knows my life and schedule are NOT my own, so I was having trouble finding the time to coordinate a call between ATCOM and the new provider so they could get the new environment set up.  I finally had had a free hour or so on Friday.  Sarah was great at finding a tech who was available and could help and Jignesh was wonderful.  We got on the phone did a screen share.  We thought we had everything we needed, and then realized we needed Jignesh’s help again.  I called, literally at 5:30, and Sarah caught him before he logged out. He stayed on the call another 30 minutes to make sure they have everything they needed, and he did so pleasantly and professionally.  I know the weeks are long, so his kindness in helping MEMA cross a big item off the list that had been hanging over my head for weeks was truly appreciated!   I owe him some beer or something and wanted you both to know how much I appreciated his help.

Many thanks again to the ATCOM team for being such a great partner!


Rebecca, CIO of Professional Association Group


The transition to the new firewall was the smoothest cutover EVER!!! My thanks to you and your crew.

Glenn, Business Officer – Education

Thanks again for the prompt, expert service you give me and others.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Stay safe and be well!

Karen, Manager – Business Trade Group


I’ve enjoyed working with Dee and would recommend her and Atcom in the future. I deal with a variety of vendors and her knowledge and cordiality were exceptional.

Thanks to everyone for their patience!


Hello Dan,

I want to let you know that Marla Ozment was a tremendous help to our school in getting an urgent matter resolved. We made changes due to Covid and one factor that was not accounted was that having two nurses required shared phone needs. Marla not only gave excellent recommendations, but also implemented the changes on the same day! Our nurses are ecstatic initially thinking it might not be possible. Now they are able to work together in a way that communication is transparent all because of Marla. Thank you for sharing her with our school.


Patrick, Technology Coordinator – Education


I am not sure who Mark Johnsons manager is but if you could pass this along I would greatly appreciate it.

I was working on an Mitel support issue with Mark Johnson earlier today and he was great to work with (little did I know that in a few hours I would REALLY need his help).  He helped me wrap things up an agreed to leave the ticket open till latter in the day so I could finish some things on my end.  A few hours later I got back to work on the issue and unintentionally caused a system firmware SWAP.  Since I had been working with Mark earlier I reached out to Mark directly to ask what I should do.  At no point did he suggest that I should call someone else or that he could not assist me. Instead he let me know what options I had for getting immediate support and gave me a clear timeline for when he could begin working on the issue if that was my preference.  I asked him to take over the issue which he did without hesitation and in a few minutes he identified the issue and told us how to resolve it. I was grateful for his help and the manor he provided it was exemplary.  The level of service that he provided is rare these days and greatly appreciated!  Thank you for having employees like Mark Johnson.


David, IT Architect- Local Government

Hello Rhonda,

I want to let you know that Dee Traugott is awesome as all get out…. I know I worry her constantly to help me with the phones and she is always pleasant whether she wants to be or not!!

Actually ALL of those guys at ATCOM are pretty wonderful! Michelle has answered my phone calls so many times I don’t even have to tell her who it is.

Just so you know…. I don’t make it easy on them because the phone job here was handed to me and I don’t know a trunk from a hunt group… really!! You have a patient group (at least they are with me) because they know I really need all the help I can get.

Just wanted to share that with you and I hope the rest of your week is fabulous!!!!!! 🙂


Donna, Professional Association

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