Jignesh Daniels

About Jignesh

A native of Savannah, GA, Jignesh ended up in Rochester, NY when he was a junior in high school. He stayed in New York and attended Stony Brook University as a part of his social-professional engineering fraternity. He helped charter the Beta-Eta chapter of Sigma Phi Delta and became one of the founding fathers of their fraternity, including the first acting Pledge Board Chairman! Jig loves playing golf and watching basketball and football. His favorite team to cheer for is the Brooklyn Nets. On the family side, Jignesh is a fan of movie night with his wife, Dhara, and he is proud to be an avid participant of “Husbands-of-Instagram.”

“My favorite thing about ATCOM is the family-aspect and comradery that we all share. We have the ‘never leave a man behind’ type attitude and we’re all on the same playing field at the end of the day.”