TowerSpace provides an alternative office solution for small companies and/or individuals looking for the technology, infrastructure, and quality space that they need to succeed.

Customer: TowerSpace
Type: Property Management
Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Customer Needs:

  • Ability to provide reliable, cost effective turn-key voice, data, and messaging service to any of a variety of customers who choose to lease office space offered by TowerSpace
  • Scalability that will allow their system to grow as each location expands to accommodate additional clients
  • Flexibility and scalability necessary to offer voice/data/messaging service to potential clients nationwide

Solution Components:

  • VoIP network solution for their three business incubators in North Carolina with capability of remote VoIP set deployment


The feature-rich telephone sets that reside on the TowerSpace VoIP network provide seamless connectivity between all three locations without the unnecessary recurring costs and unpredictable long distance fees associated with traditional telephone service.

TowerSpace cost-effectively provides phone, fax, email, and high-speed Internet service to each of its 20-plus clients at each of its three locations.

“We have been working exclusively with ATCOM for the past six years for three main reasons: their sales team, their service team and their back office support.  I have felt that the ATCOM sales team has always kept our best interest first, making sure that we buy the right equipment for our business today, as well as planning for future expansion and technology changes.  The service team at ATCOM is by far the most responsive service team I have had the pleasure of working with.  No matter how good the equipment is, something is going to happen that is going to require fast and immediate service, and our phone system and service is our lifeline.  If something does happen and a problem arises, we can count on ATCOM to fix the problem remotely or on-site immediately.”

“ATCOM’s back office team is wonderful to work with, because they communicate quickly and efficiently, so the sales team, service team and my office manager are always on the same page.  Therefore any change or expansion happens flawlessly.  We currently have over 50 tenants that rely on our phones, voicemail, e-fax, and Internet to work 24/7 without problems, and ATCOM’s equipment and service gives us peace of mind that it will.”

– H. Chris Ramm, CCIM, President and Broker-in-Charge

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