Presence and Mobility


Mitel Unified Communicator® Advanced (UCA) is Mitel’s award-winning unified communications application that gives you a single access point for all your business communication and collaboration needs. It provides real-time access to everyone in the organization, on or off the premises, and enhances the effectiveness of “in the moment” communications.

UCA delivers:

  • Rich presence and availability
  • Deskphone and softphone integration
  • Corporate directory access
  • Visual voice mail
  • Detailed call history
  • Secure instant messaging
  • Point-to-point video
  • Integration with Microsoft® Outlook® and Office®, and IBM® Lotus Notes®
  • Mobile with iPhone® , iPad® , Blackberry® and Droid® devices
  • And more…

Mobility Solutions

Over the last decade the number of employees who work predominately from home has more than tripled among U.S. workers, according to a report from  Conference Board.

Consider this:

  • Companies are consistently trying to find ways to cut overhead- what better way to do that than reducing office space?
  • Home office technology has become much more economical and advanced- bandwidth, & hardware have both seen considerable drops in cost
  • Teleworker technology has become extremely reliable and cost effective
  • Companies are looking at ways to cut down on their carbon footprint. Companies are looking to “go green”.
  • Happy employees have a higher retention rate. Cutting out up to two hours of commute time that can now be spent with family makes employees more content about their work-life balance.

ATCOM offers an array of mobility solutions that:

  • Empower the business – Free people from location constraints while providing a consistent communications experience in or out of the office.
  • Leverage smart technology – Deliver unified communications and collaboration capabilities to the mobile devices or tablets of choice, regardless of make or network.
  • Consolidate communications – Give workers control over all their business communications.
  • Improve customer service – Ensure employees are always reachable and responsive to client calls.

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