Unified Communications

Merging Voice and Data Networks

Unified Communications (UC), or the merger of voice and data, allows a business to integrate all aspects of their business into one platform that works together.  This can be as simple as combining voicemail, email, and fax from one inbox or total integration of your network and all of your business resources.

This technology allows you to access and work from the device most convenient for you:  a laptop, iPad, smartphone or desk phone.  Freedom to access your information and for you to receive contact through all mediums of communication gives you higher efficiency, mobility and increased accessibility to your customers.

Unified Messaging For Today’s Businesses

In its most basic form, unified messaging sends a copy of a voicemail from a corporate voice mail server to an individual’s email inbox. What’s so intriguing about that?

Now that voice mail is in an email form, you can send it to anyone in the world. No longer are you restricted to just forwarding to others on the same voice mail system. You can also store that voice mail electronically with all your email correspondences, and access them quickly with ease and organization. This administrative method replaces the traditional routine of having to sort through endless voice mails using a keypad interface on your phone to retrieve a message that may be 20 deep in your office voice mail.

Advantages to Unified Messaging:

  • Simplifies your messaging systems into one place
  • Optimal interface for traveling employees
  • Speech auto-attendant available
  • Simplified greeting/phone setting administration

Okay, it sounds great, but how do we do it?

Here is where we really go to work.  ATCOM’s thorough analysis of your voice/data network and all business applications will make sure that your Unified Communication integration is set up in an efficient and functional manner.

Smooth installation means considering:

  • Facility Layout

  • Corporate Structure

  • Staffing Patterns and Their Effects On Resources

  • Internal Communication

  • Communication With Customers and Vendors

  • Wiring Requirements

  • Connectivity Between Multiple Locations

  • Carrier Service To Support Both Voice and Data

  • Data Network Infrastructure and Efficiencies

  • Disaster Recovery and Level of Resiliency Required

  • Contact Management Integration

  • Other Software Resources

  • And much more…

ATCOM Is With You Today, Tomorrow, and into the Future!

Since every business is unique in the way it operates, it is important to have a highly educated team of professionals analyze your specific needs and goals. ATCOM prides itself in offering technology that will enhance your business and make your organization more efficient.

ATCOM has been a leader in Unified Communications for almost 40 years and has the most highly trained engineers in the industry. With multiple offices across North Carolina (including Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro/Winston Salem)  we have built-in support resiliency, so we are there when you need us.

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