Video Conferencing
and Telepresence

Video conferencing gives you the competitive edge.

Better Productivity

Above all other aspects, a conference would be successful only if it is productive. Compared to other systems, video conferencing grabs the attention of all the participants very easily because of the use of visual aids. It’s also very flexible, meaning that it can be conducted in any way the participants want it to be. This ultimately results in better productivity than other conferencing methods except direct conferences.

Reduction of Traveling Costs

Traveling is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to urgent business meetings. Video conferencing enables people to see each other and share presentations from one corner of the world to another. The only things needed are a good video conferencing system and a fast Internet connection. This also reduces expenditures for the company.

Better Sharing of Documents

Video Conferencing allows for sharing of documents and presentations very easily. This is not so easy in other systems. When the document is shared on the common monitor, all the team members can view it.   Any type of media can be shared on the latest video conferencing platforms. This includes presentations, videos, files, etc. The computer screens of participants can also be shared easily.

Instant Meetings

Instant meetings are possible only when video conference is enabled. All it takes is an email or a phone call to inform other team members about the conference. Once informed, the participants can immediately join the call and the conference can go ahead as planned.

Saves Time

Time is one major resource that cannot be compensated. The best advantage of video conferencing is that it not only saves money, but also time. The instantaneous conference allows for quick discussions critical in everyday business.  Travel time and preparation time is also reduced.

Best Brainstorming Platform

Brainstorming is easy when done with this type of conferencing. By providing video, audio, and other sharing platforms in one place, it allows for more interaction among participants.  Video conferencing is a must for small scale, large scale, or even enterprise businesses .

Competitive Advantage

As we try to stay ahead of the competition, instant meetings and conferences are a must. Video Conferencing allows your organization to make quick informed decisions on the fly.

MiTeam Collaboration Software

Teamwork should be personal, flexible, simple—more like a labor of love than work. Because better teamwork means success, we’ve created MiTeam. It’s one tool that lets you do everything – messaging, voice, video, collaboration and more – on any device, from wherever you are, through the power of Mitel.

MiTeam Benefits

  • Store it, find it, share it
    In a sea of data, MiTeam is your life preserver. You can store data by project, subject or person and instantly retrieve information including emails, IM conversations, documents and more—all from a single screen.
  • Get more out of everyday tools
    MiTeam works with your favorite business tools right out of the box—Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.—to boost your productivity without sacrificing flexibility. You get more out of the tools you use everyday with a simple interface to manage it all.
  • 40% less email
    Break the cycle of endless email strings and bloated inboxes. Get real-time answers to real-time questions with the full context of relevant files, action items and conversation history.

MiVoice Conference Phone

Multimedia collaboration as simple as making a phone call

  • Meetings are critical for meeting organizational goals. But when co-workers, partners, customers and others are spread throughout the building, across the country, or around the world, fostering it can be a challenge.
  • MiVoice Conference Phone overcomes that challenge by delivering multimedia capabilities right to the personal office meeting space. With the MiVoice Conference Phone, collaboration is no longer a special event, but a natural part of a productive workday

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