Voice Virtualization with Disaster Recovery

Company Profile:

  • ESP Assoc., P.A.
  • 12 Locations
  • Employees: 240
  • ATCOM Client since 1993
  • 175 IP Phones
  • 65 Teleworker IP Phones


  • Installed a MiVoice Business Virtual System in Ft. Mill HQ for Voice Virtualization and installed a MiVoice Business physical controller with Resiliency in Raleigh.
  • Coordinated the transition with ESP Associates carrier from PRI’s to SIP trunking and procured Remote Telephone Numbers (RTN) for 9 ESP remote offices.
  • Reconfigured cabling infrastructure to move off of 110’s/66 Blocks and move to patch panels for IP installation environment.
  • Licensed and set up Mitel System with integration to client’s Microsoft Lync/ Skype for Business platforms.
  • Installed Mitel voice processing system to allow voice mails to be sent, received and deleted from the end user’s email.
  • Set up four digit dialing to internal extensions across the network

Challenges and Requirements:

  • End user ability to get messages from one location
  • Resilient system
  • Disaster Recovery Capability
  • Need Excellent Voice Quality and Consistency while providing Voice Virtualization
  • Integration with Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business

Customer Summary

“ESP Associates, P.A. has been a client of ATCOM since the mid-nineties and has worked with Jeff Morgart the entire time. ATCOM has been professional in guiding us thought the different setups and upgrades that we have done.

-Richard Marazza

Account Representative Thoughts On Solution

ESP has embraced a voice virtualization platform that has really enabled them to insure maximum uptime with a great recovery plan if something were to happen. The solution we put together allows them to quickly add locations and phones so they can focus their time on growth and not the technology that supports it. - Jeff Morgart, ATCOM


ESP was faced with a challenge that most companies would love to have, rapid growth. With multiple locations spread across several states, ESP was finally ready to let go of their 23 year old Iwatsu Phone System they purchased from ATCOM.  They needed a solution that would provide fail-over, growth and an easy way to deploy remote phones as they opened new offices.

ATCOM installed a full Mitel Virtual Solution in their Fort Mill SC location and a physical MiVoice Business in their Raleigh location. Level 3 provided the 50 Enterprise SIP Trunks that terminate to both systems. This solution gives ESP multiple levels of resiliency from controller fail-over to trunking fail-over. Using the SIP trunks allowed ATCOM to fulfill another requirement providing E911 capabilities to all of their remote offices.  This was available because every phone is on the network and the solution could traverse local or remote location information over SIP Trunks.

ESP required all their phones to be on their own cable and not share with the PC which provided some physical challenges. Since they had an Iwatsu for years all of their phone cables were terminated on 66 block, however all of it was Cat5. This meant that the night before the cutover that the cable would need to be transferred off of the 66 blocks and  terminate to patch panels in a newly installed 48 inch wall rack with 5- 48 port Cisco switches. Since wire management was not an option we used 6 inch patch cords to keep the rack neat.

This solution has been working great for ESP as they continue to grow.  ESP’s IT Manager is now confident when opening a new office that his voice communication is going to work, be easy to deploy and provide 911 services for his employees.

Virtualization and Disaster Recovery for ESP
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