A worldwide cyber-attack was launched on Friday, May 12, utilizing the Ransomware program known as WannaCry.  This attack was notable not just because of its scale (230,000 computers in 150 countries), but because it can spread from computer to computer without the user clicking on an email link.

ATCOM’s Managed Service customers have multiple systems in place to protect against the spread of Malware, but everyones participation is required to ensure that we have the highest level of protection.

Please take a note of the following best practices and make them a part of your routine:

  1. The best protection against ransomware is to have files backed up and copied offsite.  If you have important data on your PC, copy it to a shared drive where it will be backed up.
  2. Restart your computer regularly. Many software patches do not completely install until after a reboot. Help keep you PC up to date and reboot at least weekly if not daily.
  3. Please carefully scrutinize emails asking you to “verify” information or click on a link to download information.  Unless you have asked for a company or someone to reach out to you, it’s probably NOT legitimate.
  4. When visiting websites, think before you “click” on an advertisement.  Some “click bait” ads contain viruses.

ATCOM’s Managed Service customers have been inspected to ensure the Microsoft Patch MS017-10 has been applied to all systems.  We will be reaching out the any individuals who do not have the latest  patches installed.   If you are contacted, please take time to update your system.

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