Mike King

From Jersey to South Africa

Joe grew up in Woodbridge, NJ and attended DeVry University to get an Associate’s Degree in Telecommunications Management.  Joe is married to Tanith, she is originally from South Africa.  He was fortunate enough to visit South Africa with her back in 2008 before their kids (Lucas and Isla) were born.

Let’s hear the rooster crow!

“I’m an early riser and like to accomplish something by lunch time or else I feel like I’ve wasted half of my day.  Nothing beats an early tee time leaving the rest of the day to spend with family in the afternoon and evening.  We like to spend a lot of time in the backyard and going to concerts downtown.”  Joe also likes cruising around on his motorcycle.


Nothing keeps Joe from accomplishing something.  As a child Joe was afraid of heights, to get over this he bungee jumped twice and even skydived from 12,500 feet. He also has snowboarded down some of the best mountains in Colorado, Utah and Canada.

“Having worked for a Mitel dealer in New Jersey I wanting to move the Carolinas and found the ATCOM website.  The Team Page won me over, after reading that I knew I wanted to work here!  ATCOM is the Major League of companies when it comes to full service support vendor.  We do not just do things a certain way because it is what we are used to.  Everyone gives input and decisions are made as a team to find the best solution for the customer.”

Joe Musella

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