Caylie Kohl

Growing Up ATCOM

Raised in Charlotte, NC, Caylie grew up with ATCOM and its team. Between being involved in internships and events, and getting to know the team over the years, Caylie saw ATCOM as her second family and was excited to officially join the A Team in 2021!

Fan the Flames

Caylie attended Liberty University for college where she got to learn the in’s and out’s of digital marketing. She was able to get hands-on experience through her classes and through managing the social media accounts of various club sports teams. She also minored in Vocal Performance!

Artist by Day, Geek by Night

Whether it be singing at her church or drawing in her free time, Caylie enjoys being creative through art and music. She has recently found an interest in creating digital portraits! She also loves to geek out with her husband over all things Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney (some of her current favorites are Shang Chi and WandaVision)!

Caylie Sickles 1
Caylie Sickles 2

“The ATCOM team is always so encouraging and helpful! Working here has helped me grow as a worker, team member, and individual!”

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