Jeff Lamont


Graduating from Appalachian State University in ‘91, “Lamont” returned to Boone-town after stints in three different ATCOM offices. A die-hard Mountaineer, Lamont parks his tailgate bus at Rivers Street Ale House before each App football game. Lamont is also a proud member of the Boone United Methodist Church.

Yes, a true-Mountaineer

Lamont enjoys hiking, rafting, and mountain biking. And, perhaps inspired by the various street musicians that line Boone’s King Street, Lamont is learning how to play the guitar.

BBQ king

A Professional BBQ Pitmaster, Lamont owns a cooker bigger than some people’s car. His “Boonetown BBQ Team” has won multiple Grand Championships and competed each year in Charlotte’s Beer, Bourbon & BBQ contest.  He brings his famous BBQ to each Appalachian State tailgate.

 “Where else can you find a group of overachievers like this that will do anything for one another, work hard, play hard, care for their customers this much and still make it home in time to do what matters most.”

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