Lauren Roberts

Been There, Done That

Lauren started at ATCOM in 1984.  She was hired to do accounting, sales/admin support and customer service.  ATCOM did not have the chief cook and bottle washer position available at the time.  As ATCOM grew and created separate departments Lauren found her calling in accounting.  Lauren has established herself as the backbone of the accounting group making sure that everything is running smoothly in Accounts Receivables.

America’s Sweetheart

Lauren married her high school sweetheart (Mike) and has 2 grown daughters and an incredible grandson that she loves to spend time with.

On the Road

When Lauren is not at ATCOM she kicks that crossing every t and dot every i stuff to the curb and hops on her hog.  She loves riding her Harley Davidson with her husband across the high country.

“I love working at ATCOM because it is like a big family,  we just all jump in and do what we have to do.  We may not always be perfect and are a little dysfunctional, but we always have each others back.  ATCOM gives you the ability to do your job without a lot of micro-management.”

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