Mark Johnson

Born and Raised West Virginia

Mark Johnson is a native of Buckhannon, WV and the middle child of 6 siblings with a set of twins as the youngest! He also shares a birthday with his younger sister! Mark stayed in his hometown until he left to join the Army where he served for four years as a communications technician in Frankfurt, Germany and Springfield, VA. After retiring from the Army and joining the ATCOM team, Mark met his wife, Kim, while on a job site. Together they’re raising a daughter who will be graduating from App State. Go Neers!

ATCOM Recruitment

Mark joined ATCOM in 1997 after working in the telecommunications field and for an oil and natural gas company. He was recruited while he was working for a communications company in Florida, but actually turned down the first offer he received. But after a few weeks, he decided to reach back out and accept the offer. We are glad that he changed his mind!

Mark Johnson

“Even though we may not know each person directly, there is a family atmosphere. You can pretty much guess that if you are in need of some kind of help, someone is willing to lend that hand.”

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