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IT Services

Managed Information Technology Services

ATCOM Managed IT Services are a fixed cost professional service that delivers 24 x 7 Monitoring, Proactive Maintenance and Priority Access to ATCOM’s top in class engineers.

ATCOM Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Deliver




Managed Services
24 x 7 Monitoring

  • Carrier Service Availability

  • Firewall Connectivity

  • Network Security & Alert Monitoring

  • Infrastructure & Server Availability

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Success

  • Cloud Service Availability

Managed IT Services
Proactive Maintenance

  • Security Updates

  • Patch Management

  • System Maintenance & Restarts

  • Anti-Virus | Anti-Spam Management

  • Device Firmware Updates

  • Backup Testing & Verification

  • License & Warranty Tracking

ATCOM IT Service Class of Service

Managed Services
Flexible and Scalable

ATCOM Managed Services is all about analysis of your business IT strengths and weakness.

  • Large Enterprise: You have a great team of dedicated professionals you want to dedicate to certain task.  We will help you evaluate your skill sets and look at places we can help your staff free up their time to do what they do best.  ATCOM can then fill those spots where their talents might not be as strong and are using up more of their time.
  • Mid Size Business: You have an IT Manager or two but need some expertise in certain areas or you want to focus on the high level aspects of your business while unloading the day to day time consuming aspects of your IT.  ATCOM can offer as much or as little management of your network as you need and even provide help desk support for your business.
  • Small Business:  As a business owner you want to focus on making your business a success and want someone else to handle your IT from start to finish.

IT Offerings

One Simple Solution

Technology can seem confusing at times,  ATCOM demystifies technology by taking the time to learn your business and designing a simple solution that makes sense.

  • Your Technology Advisor – You can count on ATCOM to update you on the latest industry news and trends to make sure that your organization has a competitive advantage.

  • Project Management – Our highly trained Project Managers will make sure that you are taken care of through every step of the installation process.

  • Top Tier Engineers-  Our award winning help desk will make sure you get a knowledgeable expert regardless of the level of support you need.

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