Who We Are

Win the day with North Carolina's leading IT Managed Service provider.

Multi - Generational

From Boomers to Gen Z-er’s, our diverse team of professionals love making technology simple and easy!

The mix of our culture and our talents allows us to understand business, people and technology. We get that it takes a mix of the three to run a successful company. We are passionate about helping your business implement and use technology to better serve you and your customers. We can relate on all levels of your company: from the C level, to the IT Director, or the IT generalist who just needs a helping hand. We can also be your help desk for your end users. Whatever mix is right for you, we have the ability to communicate appropriately.

Serving North Carolina for Over 40 Years

There is a reason you can count on us to be your trusted advisor.

There’s a reason
Our top talent stays here (in spite of the fact that they are constantly recruited)!

We were voted NC Top 40 Family Friendly Companies (3 times) and NC’s Top 50 Technology Companies (2 times)!

We have kept customers for multiple generations!

Win The Day!

We had always struggled at ATCOM to create a Company Mission Statement. We were all clear that we wanted to be “The Best MSP in North Carolina,” and we were all in agreement that our top core values were respect, honesty, integrity, competency, and growth (personally and professionally). We never put our mission statement in writing. But, we felt like we were in sync and knew our plan.

Then, in 2013, two important team members were diagnosed with cancer. A few of us talked about how we could best support Chris and Tammy during the struggles they had ahead. In this conversation came the slogan “WIN THE DAY.” To us, it meant doing our best each day. And, when that failed, as it sometimes will, not to give up, but to start over. We recognized that your best would be different each day. We realized that the team could affect your mood and help you get back on track. We rallied with words of encouragement ending most emails and conversations with “WIN THE DAY.”

What We Do

Our team works closely with each client to determine the best possible strategies and solutions tailored to their organization. We offer cloud and premised based managed services and computer network design including voice/data communication solutions.

Managed Services

Cyber Security

Virtual CIO