Who We Are

We are a mix of Boomers, X’ers, and Millennials
who love to make technology easy. 

The mix of our culture and our talents allows us to understand business, people and technology.  We get that it takes the mix of the three to run a successful company.  Who wants an IT company that can’t communicate?  Who wants a business advisor that does not understand technology?  We are passionate about helping your business implement and use technology to better serve you and your customers. We can relate on all levels of your company:  From the C level, to the IT Director, or the IT generalist who just needs a helping hand. We can also be your help desk for your end users.  Whatever mix is right for you, we have the ability to communicate appropriately.

There is a reason our top talent stays here (in spite of the
fact that they are constantly recruited!)

There is a reason we were voted
NC Top 40 Family Friendly Companies (3 times!) and
NC’s Top 50 Technology Companies
(2 times!)

There is a reason we have kept customers for multiple generations!

What makes us different is our team.

With 40 years in the business right here in North Carolina,
there is reason you can count on us to be your trusted adviser.

Our 12  WIN THE DAY Traits:

1. Be Nice, Be Kind, Be Thoughtful

2. Be Proactive

3. Lead By Example

4. Ask Questions

5. Take Ownership

6. Celebrate Wins

7. OVER Communicate

8. Simplify

9. Seek Discomfort

10. Always Put a Bow on it!

11. Think: Common Sense Trumps All

12. Positive Attitudes are Contagious

Satisfied End Users
Cups of Coffee
Avg Hours of Experience Per Team Member

Meet Our Team

Win The Day
With The A Team

Are you are ready to get back to doing what you do best and leave the IT drama behind?

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