ATCOM Managed IT Helpdesk Services

US-Based Managed IT Support

ATCOM’s Managed IT Services Help Desk is designed to ensure your users’ applications and computer devices are available and accessible whenever and wherever you need them.

Your employees can contact our help desk engineers 24/7/365 for any issues they need help with. Our help desk engineers will get your technology issues resolved as quickly as possible, so that your employees can focus on the important tasks at hand.

You deserve reliable, US-based Managed IT support.

Our 30 help desk engineers are local employees, not contractors, who provide technical support from our office locations in North Carolina. We are available with the solutions your employees need to stay productive and on task.

What Are Managed IT Help Desk Services?

Managed help desk services are similar to your own internal IT help desk, except the help desk services are provided from an offsite location and are operated by a Managed IT Services provider, such as ATCOM.

Allow your internal IT team to focus on higher-value IT activities that help meet your more important business goals.

Win The Day

14 Second Average Answer Time
Unlimited calls to help desk
Remote control access
30 Local Engineers on call 24X7, available for dispatch
Concierge service for 3rd party vendors
1 Simple Solution

Contact Us Today to reduce your need for help desk by using our Managed IT Services…. IT Monitoring and Management to proactively take care of all your devices including desktops, laptops, mobile, and servers before issues arise. Learn more.