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ATCOM’s IT Strategy and Virtual CIO advisory services team possess both the business strategy and technology skills required to ensure that your company maximizes technology investments, becomes prepared for future technology trends and expenses, and stays ahead of the technology curve.

What is a Virtual CIO and Why Do I Need One?

Most small to medium-sized businesses can’t justify hiring a CIO (Chief Information Officer). Therefore, due to a lack of expertise their IT fails to support business goals and objectives and is not aligned with the challenges and problems that the business faces. IT planning, budgeting, and management requires the guidance of an experienced professional. A Virtual CIO fulfills the role of a traditional CIO and is responsible for building your technology roadmap.

Who We Are


Successful Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) experienced individuals that have transformed companies into highly profitable multimillion dollar success stories.


A team of highly specialized experts to guide you through complex and diverse technology decisions.

For You

Large business experience scaled to fit your company’s financial growth needs.


Over 40 years of proven excellence.

What We Do to Help You Move Towards Success

Strategic Planning – Introducing the right technologies to support your business goals and objectives, while aligning technologies to help define and overcome business challenges and problems.

Technology Gap Analysis – We identify gaps in infrastructure, security, policy and business processes and help your Senior Business Leaders, C-Suite Executives and Boards to see the big picture by highlighting the business impact of each underperforming technology standard.

Your Business Leaders will then be able to make informed decisions about their next steps based on the recommendations made when properly aligned to the goals and challenges they are facing.

Comprehensive Technology Roadmaps – Well-defined technology roadmaps prepare the business leadership for the future. They eliminate surprise costs due to lack of planning or clarity in the future technology needs for the business and help Chief Financial Officers (CFO’s) prepare budgets and understand the priority of each project. Comprehensive Technology Roadmaps guide business owners and leadership by understanding the business impact and the problems they will solve.

Our team of virtual CIO IT strategy and planning services experts can offer you any level of proven guidance to help you efficiently and effectively move forward.

We Also Provide

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    Technology Systems Integration Planning
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    Business Technology Management & IT Managed Services
  • ATCOM--Favicon-72x72
    Financial Budgeting and Forecasting
  • ATCOM--Favicon-72x72
    Compliance Consulting Services
  • ATCOM--Favicon-72x72
    Project Management and Vendor Relationships
  • ATCOM--Favicon-72x72
    Training, Education and Cybersecurity Awareness
  • ATCOM--Favicon-72x72
    Business Continuity Planning

Why Do We Need These Services?

You have a great vision for your company. You have the drive, some great employees, and a fantastic product or service.  Then the question comes: “What is next and how do we get there?”

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    Does the risk associated with planning technology for growth or expanding your business keep you up at night?
  • ATCOM--Favicon-72x72
    How can you make CIO level decisions on a small to mid-size company budget?
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    Who can you trust for guidance as your business changes?
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    How can you give employees more flexibility?
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    How can you make your business scalable without spending a fortune?
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    How can you ensure your systems, procedures and technology are all working at optimal efficiency?

Let ATCOM’s team of highly specialized IT Strategy experts guide you through these complex and diverse technology questions.