Mitel Unified Communications

A Better Experience

With over 40 years of voice experience, we help organizations connect, collaborate, and provide analytics to offer a better experience to their customers.

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Onsite Dispatch
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Proven 40 Year Relationship with the Manufacturer

Communicate Your Way!

Mitel single software stream delivers the same solution no matter how you want it.

On Premise

Reliability, Call Quality and Onsite Control.

In the Cloud

Flexible and Easy to Manage. Backed by Amazon/Google’s industry-leading reliability, security, and scalability to deliver uptime and SOC1 and HIPAA Compliance.

Hybrid Solution

You get the best of both worlds. Flexibility of the Cloud, and Onsite Control.

Unified Communication Solutions

Contact Center

Everything you need to operate a world class customer experience center including built-in Workflow Designer, Speech IVR, AI-powered Chatbots and Agent Assist, Interaction Recording, Quality Management, Workforce Management, Historical Reporting and Real-Time Dashboards, Reports, and Analytics. Communicate with your customer by voice, chat, SMS, email, and social media.


Bring teams together through Unified Communications with conferencing, desktop sharing, document sharing, and video.  Collaborate across blended environments on any device.

Mass Notification

Notify the right people, the right way, when it matters the most. Broadcast notifications across desktop PCs and phones, mobile phones, paging systems, SMS text, email, and many others to reach the widest audience possible. Use geofencing to go beyond on-premise and provide critical information to staff based on the location or proximity to the incident zone.

Mobility and Remote Workers

Real-time connectivity on any device anywhere. Stop a conversation on one device and pick it up on another device or use Simultaneous ringing / Mobile twinning. Work from anywhere whether it is from the office, home, or from the coffee shop.

What are the Benefits of Unified Communications?

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    Remove Complexity
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    Improve Productivity
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    Remote workforce Integration
  • ATCOM--Favicon-72x72
    Consistent User Experience
  • ATCOM--Favicon-72x72
    Intuitive User Interface
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    Rich features with Advanced Call Control
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    Web-based Management
  • ATCOM--Favicon-72x72
    Peace of Mind