Managed IT Services

Win the day with North Carolina's leading IT Managed Service provider.

Managed Information Technology Services

ATCOM Managed IT Services are a fixed cost professional service that delivers 24 x 7 Monitoring, Proactive Maintenance and Priority Access to ATCOM’s top in class engineers.

Managed Services Flexible and Scalable

ATCOM Managed Services is all about analysis of your business IT strengths and weaknesses.

From large corporations to small businesses, our goal at ATCOM is to be a resource to your team. So, whether you have an IT team or no IT person, we can customize a solution to meet your needs. In some cases, our customers have found that outsourcing everything best meets their needs. In others, we are engaged in taking off the day-to-day tasks of something as simple as patching or monitoring. Sometimes, we are behind the scenes helping with compliance and cyber security. Whatever you need, we can customize a solution to help you fill in the gaps of IT.

IT Managed Services

Security Updates
Patch Management
System Maintenance & Restarts
Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam Management
Device Firmware Updates
Backup Testing and Verification
License and Warranty Tracking