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Internet Explorer

In May of 2021, Microsoft announced the impending retirement of Internet Explorer (IE) and officially ended mainstream support and updates. On June 15th of 2022, IE will officially be retired. With this change, Microsoft will be forcibly removing IE from Windows 10 with a cumulative update. Blocking KBs and security updates to keep the browser installed is not recommended, as this would leave systems unpatched and vulnerable.

Microsoft Edge will be replacing IE, offering a faster, more secure, and more modern browsing experience. Edge will also be able to address compatibility for older legacy websites and applications. This browser will have a built-in feature called “Internet Explorer mode” (IE mode) where you can access legacy Internet Explorer-based websites and applications directly from Microsoft Edge.

What Internet Explorer’s retirement mean for me?

With the retirement of IE, organizations should adopt something that will work well with modern computers. Microsoft recommends IE mode for Edge, as that will work for many sites.

Quickbooks Desktop and Intuit are two platforms that still require IE and an internet connection. The only secure and reliable solutions available are:

  1. Wait for Intuit to patch it
  2. Move to Quickbooks Online
  3. Move off of Quickbooks to another platform that does not require software that is disappearing next month

For more information on IE’s transition to Microsoft Edge, visit here.

Microsoft Edge

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