Chris Strandberg

About Chris

Chris has been at ATCOM for as long as we can remember. To the team here, he is the big brother, the father figure, and sometimes even the crazy uncle. Whatever role Chris fills, he is family to the team. But, his heart and soul are his wife, Sara, and their son, Colton. Chris is always looking to lend a helping hand. He was a boy scout dad who his peers nominated as a candidate for the “Order of the Arrow”, he volunteers at his church, works the food pantry, and, as a cancer survivor, he is a big supporter of the Zero Prostate Cancer Walk. But, mostly, his team at ATCOM knows him for his consistency in his willingness to lend a hand. Chris has been with ATCOM for more than three decades. “Back in the day”, Chris was the “whiz kid” when it came to installing voicemail and networking systems. And, while technology has changed, one thing has remained consistent with Chris: he is a stickler for good service and communication. He has always been an advocate for the customer and his team. It makes it pretty clear how he moved through ATCOM to become our Operations Leader. He is the guy who helps our team deliver the A+ service our customer have come to expect!

“When my son was born 8 weeks early- ATCOM was behind me 100%. When I was diagnosed with a very lethal form of cancer in 2007- my friends at ATCOM once again stood by me and took the workload. This allowed me to focus on the challenges that I faced and they were there for me again when it appeared I was going to experience a recurrence. I am now a cancer survivor and I believe my friends at ATCOM played a big part in that.”