Meredith Spaugh

About Meredith

Meredith is a Winston-Salem native and attended Winthrop University. Interestingly, her original major in college was Early Childhood Education with a minor in Graphic Design. Her high school journalism teacher encouraged her to use a Mac (circa 1988) to design and publish, playing to her passion for art and writing. That sparked her interest in IT, and it has woven into all her pursuits since. Meredith is married to her wife and best friend, Jess, and they have two “furkids”, Taylor and Cooper. On top of her love for IT, art, and writing, she loves cooking, bird watching, reading, and studying history. Meredith was a customer before joining the A Team back in January of 2017. “I bought a phone system from ATCOM and was struck by the way their team worked together and with me (the customer).”

“My favorite thing about ATCOM, it is never boring. Never ever boring, I am always learning something new and surrounded by people who are driven to bring out the best in each other. This team is the hardest working group I have ever encountered and they play just as rigorous!”