Voice Communications

Voice Communication decisions
do not have to be scary.

Voice communications companies are constantly evolving.  This uncertainty is scary when you are making a decision that impacts your ability to communicate with your customers.  ATCOM is the leading voice communications provider in the Carolinas. We have been around for almost 40 years.  

We believe the relationship between your service provider and the manufacturer is critical.  During our 40 year relationship with Mitel, they continued to lead the way through innovation and consolidation of the industry. We are on the Mitel Partner Advisory Board, and value our long term relationship as we know that helps our customers.   With technology, change is inevitable, having a solid partner is a choice. Both Mitel and ATCOM are rock solid.

Today’s technology is flexible, and customization to meet your needs is critical.   We work closely with each client to determine the best choice for their particular business.  A strong understanding of a company’s operations, including both external and internal communication patterns, helps us design systems that enhance collaboration, interaction, efficiency and productivity.

Mitel VoIP Phone Systems

The right platform to manage your communications makes all the difference in organizational productivity and flexibility to respond to changing business environments. Mitel platforms have been helping businesses for almost 40 years – they have stood the test of time.
Mitel has developed a complete range of communications platforms designed to meet the needs of any organization, and to provide tools for improving productivity and efficiency and ensuring a tangible return on your communications investment.
Mitel’s philosophy is to deliver unified communications (UC) platforms that:

  • Are simple to manage and deploy.
  • Fit within your existing infrastructure.
  • Are flexible and future-proof.

Mitel’s line of communications platforms addresses both small business and large enterprise needs. Mitel platforms provide extensive communications features, robust call control and support for a wide range of innovative desktop devices and applications.

What is VoIP

Mobility & Presence

Employees are on the go!

In the office, at home, or at their favorite coffee shop, Mitel enterprise mobility solutions help workers in organizations of all kinds to be innovative and productive.

With today’s diverse workforce, communication solutions must conform to the needs of individuals and organizations, not the other way around. Whether it’s desk workers who need to be able to use their phone extension from a board room or sit at a different desk with a different phone every day, to mobile workers who need their work phone extension tied to their cellular phone, or even home-based or remote  employees who need a full “in-office” experience regardless of where they are in the world, users demand the same feature-rich communications experience they have in the office, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

The days of the “one size fits all” office are gone. Today’s workforce has a range of working styles, schedules, and settings. Mitel enterprise mobility solutions free people to perform anywhere, yet remain connected and collaborative.

What is Unified Communications?

Contact Center, Call Recording and Quality Management

Your customer experience has never been so important.

More than ever, that experience is shaped and delivered through digital interactions. While the majority of customer communications are still voice-based, consumers now rely more heavily on digital methods, such as email, SMS, web chat, and social media. They expect the flexibility to interact through the medium of their choice, wherever they are. And, they expect to be able to switch between one medium and another while they are on the move.

What’s more, today’s customer experience must go beyond customer-initiated interactions to deliver proactive contact, empower customers with self-service capabilities, and even leverage the power of machine-to-machine interactions via the Internet of Things (IoT).

Whether or not your business has a traditional contact center, your customer touchpoints should be equipped to deliver informed and personalized interactions with your clients and prospects. And, equally as important, your business should have the agility to respond to changing requirements on the fly.

How ATCOM can help

From connecting customers to the right person, on the first try, every time to managing your workforce and monitoring quality of service, the right technology can transform your customer experience from dated to digital. ATCOM offers solutions, services, and expertise to support your customer experience strategy every step of the way.




Collaboration & Video Conferencing

Teamwork should be personal, flexible, simple—more like a labor of love than work. Because better teamwork means success ATCOM offers a variety of Collaboration tools to meet your needs.

  • Multi-Location Video Conferencing
  • Multi-Person Conferencing and Collaboration
  • Conference Room Solutions
  • Team Collaboration
ATCOM Vidyo mobile
ATCOM Cloud Solutions


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