Josh Burns

Man of the water

Scuba diving for more than 17 years, Josh loves exploring shipwrecks and spear fishing invasive species off the coast of North Carolina. A fan of the outdoors, Josh also enjoys the occasional kayaking session. Off the water, Josh punches and kicks foes as a Taekwondo black belt.

At ATCOM by accident

In 1989, Josh’s brother applied for a job at ATCOM, but found employment elsewhere before ATCOM could offer him the job. Josh’s mother then told us she had another son interested in a job, and the next week Josh was hard at work as a cabling guy and installer at ATCOM. Now, Josh works in sales engineering, and we can’t thank his mother enough.

Small-town, NC

Born and raised in Pittsboro, NC, Josh made the transition to Durham and big city life soon after joining ATCOM. Always open to new experiences, Josh loves travelling with wife Cindie and son Jake.

“I appreciate having a voice here at ATCOM.”

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