Josh Alexander

Eastern North Carolina Man

Josh Alexander grew up in Roxboro NC before attending East Carolina University.  Go Pirates! He is married to his beautiful wife Jessica and is blessed with two sweet daughters Claire and Paige.

Mountains to the Sea

Josh spends most of his free time hanging out with his family and enjoys all types of fishing. Yep there are a bunch of types for those of you non fisherman (surf fishing, ocean fishing from a boat, lake fishing, spinner and fly rod).  When he is not on the beach he loves to snow ski and has even been on several trips out west with his favorite place to ski being Colorado.

Bet you did not know

Josh has traveled to 34 of the 50 United States thus far.

Josh came to ATCOM in 2014 from a job posting on LinkedIn.   Before ATCOM he was a field service engineer for a mass transit communications company.

“ATCOM is dedicated to the customers as well as to the folks that work here.  We have a great team environment and I am comfortable calling anyone here for help or just to talk about life.  I am proud to be a part of the ATCOM team.”

Josh Alexander and Family
Josh Alexander Surf Fishing

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