Kim Oliver

What A Sweetheart!

Kim Oliver grew up in Mecklenburg County, VA where she met her husband Clay in the 5th grade.  Yep 5th grade!  They became High School sweethearts in 10th grade and have been together ever since.  Wow!  Kim attended West Virginia University where she chose Elementary Education as her focus of study.

Clay and Kim have two beautiful boys Owen and Ben.  Owen, a rising Senior in HS, sleeps, eats and breathes baseball and snowboarding and is an avid paintball enthusiast.   Ben, a rising 8th grader, loves Baseball as much as his brother, snowboarding and fishing as well as anything else that keeps him outdoors.

B-To The Third Power

Boxers, Baseball and the Beach!  Kim has a diverse group of hobbies and interest that keep her busy.  She enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking and refurnishing furniture. She spends a lot of time at baseball games, playing with her boxers and vacationing at the beach.

Little Known Facts:

Kim played the flute in the Middle and High School Marching band.  She often daydreams about living in the British Virgin Islands one day.

I love that the atmosphere at ATCOM.  Everyone is positive and forward thinking.  I love the support in all departments and most of all I love that I am learning something new here at ATCOM every single day!  Growing my knowledge base over the past 20 years in this industry has allowed me to be a valuable partner to the companies I support.  All of the aforementioned is made possible because of the great A-Team leadership!

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